Monday, October 15, 2007

Electric Car: The Chevy Volt by GM

The Chevy Volt in Miami - an invitation from GM is what the subject line said. Surprised, we opened it. And the opening line said:

"Because of your work with Spark Plug and your interest in energy issues, General Motors would like to invite you to an exclusive event featuring the Chevrolet Volt concept car on Thursday, October 18th at CocoWalk."

What is the Volt?

The Chevrolet Volt concept is a plug-in electric vehicle that will drive up to 40 miles without ever using a drop of gasoline -- which according to government data, would be enough to handle approximately two-thirds of American commuters' daily drives. The first vehicle in GM's "E-Flex" family, the Volt will be powered by an electric motor, which draws its energy from on-board batteries. The batteries, in turn, will be re-charged by a small internal combustion engine that will run on gas, diesel or ethanol. When not in use, the batteries will be re-charged by simply plugging the Volt into an electric outlet. You can find out more at:

On the evening of Oct. 18th, GM will host an exclusive event for online media, such as Spark Plug, that will include a walk-around of the Volt with Bob Boniface, GM Design Director E-Flex Systems. This will be followed by a group dinner, during which Spark Plug will have a chance to discuss the design, technology and engineering of the vehicle. A post will follow this event.

The Volt Miami Tour Schedule:

Thursday 10/18:

7am to 10am: Raleigh Hotel in Miami Beach (1775 Collins Ave.)

5pm to 11pm: CocoWalk in Coconut Grove (30115 Grand Ave., in front of the Gap Store)

6:30pm to 9pm: Online media dinner with Mathieu Boimare

Friday 10/19:

7am to 3pm: Government Center in Downtown Miami (111 NW First St., outside under metro rail)

6pm to 11pm: Sunset Place (South Miami, 5701 Sunset Dr. in front of Dan Marino restaurant)

Saturday 10/20:

9am to 10pm: Sawgrass Outlet (Sunrise, Oasis Location 2608 Sawgrass Mills Cir.- in front of Gameworks)

Monday 10/22:

8am to 5pm: Florida International University (South Miami, 11200 SW 8th St -- front of Graham University Center)

Tuesday 10/23:

10am to 9pm: Dolphin Mall (Doral, 11401 NW 12th Street, in front of the Texas de Brazil restaurant)

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