Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Clifton Hotel is the First Hotel in South Beach to Install a Solar Powered System

The Solar Photovoltaic System is a 14,580 Watt Fixed-Tilt 150 mph Hurricane Proof System installed by VES. This system is a local engineering feat as it is a low penetration and a tilted system. All commercial flat roof systems being installed in the region are installed flat in order to meet the 150 mph Hurricane code requirements. If VES had installed a flat system at this site, it would have required over 300 roof penetrations. VES installed this system with less than 10% of these penetrations. The system is also a Fixed-Tilt system at 10 Degrees. This helps in improving the system's overall production. VES also installed 3 inverters, 1 for each row of panels to help mitigate any effects of shading. This also keeps the system producing if there is a problem with one of the inverters. If one inverter goes down for some reason, the other two will continue to produce power and continue to replace fossil fuel generated electricity.

The Clifton Hotel is a LEED Project that will be the first LEED Certified Hotel in South Florida. They are going for the highest designation -- LEED Platinum.

Clifton Hotel South Beach

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