Sunday, November 9, 2008


Change is an often misunderstood and even misused term. But it defined a political presidential campaign season that culminated in an historic change. Oftentimes, it is difficult to understand the context of change if you look at it from a general standpoint. Simply put, a general change would be a new president. But even so, it is not always clear what that change embodies. So, understanding that change occurs on many levels may be a good starting point to understanding this concept. Change, change, change... if there is one thing that is a constant in our lives: it is CHANGE.

Here are some aspects of change to consider:

Political Change
Social Change
Economic Change
Technological Change

This could quickly become an academic discussion on these different aspects of change. However, I will simply touch on the fact that they occur simultaneously but a change in one can precede change in another. An example of this would be the financial mess we are currently dealing with. Economic changes occured at a pace that far exceeded a regulatory environment's ability to comprehend how to maintain the system's integrity. This gives rise to the need for political change in order to keep such a messy downside from occurring again.

So, back to the main point at hand. Due to the confusion surrounding the word change, it is not easy for most to understand how things will change. But one thing is certain. If we are to realize any lasting changes we will all have to get out of our comfort zones. This will not be easy. And if there is any framework that we can rely upon to understand this; it is dieting and exercise. In this context, change can be tough; but it can be positive too.

In closing, I would like to leave you with a quote that captures the essence of the prospects of change in an Obama Administration:

"But he has engendered widespread enthusiasm in a jaded and cynical public, especially among young people. And if he does not disillusion them in the years ahead, that would be a real gift to the nation." By David Broder of The Washington Post

Lets rally in support of this new administration. For various reasons beyond the scope of this blog post, the last administration was abandoned. But we need to work together more in these next few years than we did the last few years. Our future depends on it and our kids and future generations demand it.

Remember: Nothing ever happened out of a lack of a vision for it.

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