Thursday, June 5, 2008

Natural Gas appliances as an alternative to electric appliances?

I have heard folks talk about changing out major appliances from electricity to natural gas as a means to save money. Now, while it may be a sensible idea, you need to think beyond step two.

Step One:
Problem Identified -> Need to lower electric consumption to reduce expenditures. Idea: Change from more expensive source to cheaper source.

Step Two:
Solution Provided -> Change out appliances from electric to natural gas.

Step Three:
New Problem Identified -> Natural gas prices rise...

Step Four:
Any guesses...???

"Hmmm... It seems to me that this would be a good idea."

Question: Why isn't it working?

Answer: Think beyond Step 2. How many other clever people are out there thinking the same exact thing as you?

If you read here you will see that Natural Gas prices has risen by about 32%, oil prices have risen by about 54%, and electric utility rates are going to rise by about 16% from about a year ago.

Food for thought: When prices rise again and again and again and yet again. When will you say enough is enough? When will you look beyond the immediacy of now and make a change that targets over the horizon? WHEN?!

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