Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Follow Up...

Lessons Learned Take Three:

I spoke with David and Taby, whom I recently wrote about (here), to find out if they had implemented the changes we talked about. Taby was actually excited to report that they had indeed changed their shower head to a lower flow one. And without skipping a beat she said that she spent about $30 to change it to a 2.5 gallon-per-minute flow-rate shower head. In the same rhythm, she stated further that there are no more problems. And without any equivocations was happy about having saved money in the face of all these problems occuring lately. I wish I could have shared a recording of the conversation!

To review, they would probably have spent about $1,000 to purchase and install an instanteneous hot water heater and yet another estimated $500 over the course of the year in higher electric usage for an estimated total of $1500. All told, they spent a meager 2% of what they could have spent. The net present value of savings obtained by making the purchase of the instanteneous hot water heater would have been about $-1000 (yes, negative) whereas the npv of the $30 purchase is about $465. Put another way, by spending $30 they get a 98% discount off of a headache. See more on headaches here.

The payback? Pat yourself on the back. You hired an energy auditor that solved a problem for you and saved you money too!

The moral of the story:

  • An energy audit can help you avoid a headache.
  • It can even help solve an existing one too! ;-)
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